Store Model

To strengthen our commitment of being “Trusted Partner of Business Operators,” Makro has developed variety store formats, to fulfill the needs of retailers and food business operations.


wholesale store

Launched by Makro Thailand under the "Complete Product, Good Service, Cheap Price" concept, catering to a wide range of customers, especially operators, with small retailers being the main customers. The highlight of a complete variety of fresh food, dry food, and consumable products at prices that affordable.
Eco plus store
This store format further expands the fresh food space to meet the needs of customers. The stores are generally located in urban Bangkok areas with a high concentration of operators.
Food Service store
The highlight is the focus on fresh food and dry food products that are highly in demand by operators.
Food shop
This format is designed and developed from a food service distribution center into a fresh-dry food selection space. Food Shops are generally located near small and medium operators for their shopping convenience.
Hybrid Store
This format is developed through the combination of Makro and Lotus's Mall strengths, catering comprehensively to the diverse lifestyles and demands of both entrepreneurs and customers. It serves as the ultimate destination for a completely new wholesale experience.


retail store

Lotus’s Privé
A premium hypermarket under the concept of “Premium Inclusive”, offering an even wider range of premium products sourced from the world’s most renowned origins, while still boasting accessible, everyday prices, making “premium” accessible and inclusive for all, fulfilling all lifestyles. The first store opens its doors on January 11, 2023 at ICS, the mixed-use lifestyle town opposite ICONSIAM.
Lotus's hypermarket
A large retail store with a one-stop shopping mall. Hypermarket stores focus on fresh food and dry grocery, as well as household products, clothing, and home appliances, with malls providing services to meet various customers' needs and lifestyles. Hypermarket stores are also keys to the online shopping fulfillment.
Go fresh supermarkets
A medium-size retail store serving mostly in commercial or suburban areas under the neighborhood store concept for regular and convenient close-range drive and foot shopping with a focus on the distribution of quality fresh food, dry grocery and consumer products. These mid-size retail stores also play a key role in Lotus's online retail business.
Go fresh mini-supermarket
The mini-supermarket operates in various residential and commercial areas, including at petrol-stations, focusing on fresh food, dry grocery, and consumer products, as well as other essential daily items for customers' convenient and accessibility to daily top-ups and food preparation shopping. Go Fresh mini-supermarkets also play a key role in online close-range on-demand delivery services.