The Company has put in place complaint-making and whistle-blowing channels, covering complaint filing, verification, and summary of findings, together with protection of the complainants and related parties. The purpose is to handle complaints, comments, or suggestions from stakeholders that are affected or potentially affected by the Company’s business or conduct of its directors, executives, or employees resulting from law-breaking or violation of the code of conduct, as well as any alleged acts of corruption.

The scope of complaint and whistle-blowing are breaches of as well as acts of non-compliance with the applicable laws or official regulations, and the Principles of Corporate Governance together with the Company’s Code of Conduct and rules and regulations, and alleged acts of corruption – all of which have the primary objective of acquiring personal gains or various benefits for others in an unlawful manner - such as, acts of fraudulence or embezzlement.

Should any persons come across any such situations or wrongful acts by others, relevant information; they can submit complaints through the available channel of communications for “whistle blowing". As such, the informants can choose whether or not to disclose their identity they believe that, by doing so, they might be in danger; however if they choose to disclose their identity the Company will be able to more effectively undertake the investigation and also to report back to the informant any true facts or the true situation. Upon receiving the complaint/information, the Company will proceed as deemed appropriate or forward the report to responsible person or involved party through taking into consideration the independence in pursuing the incident based on the facts, issues or complaint received. This is in order to complete the investigation process in a comprehensive, correct and equitable manner for all involved parties with full transparency as well as to be able to monitor any associated progress so as to be sure that the complaint has been dealt with in an appropriate and full effective manner.

Whistleblowing Channels

Mail to:

Chairman of the Board / Chairman of the Audit Committee / Chief Executive Officer / Head of the Internal Audit Department

CP Axtra Public Company Limited. 1468 Phatthanakan Road, Phatthanakan subdistrict Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250

(Monday - Friday 8.00 H. - 12.00 H. or 13.00 H. - 18.00 H.)

Whistleblowing Form

Your information and comments are important to us. Please use the form below to submit complaints regarding illegal actions and violations of the code of conduct and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Attach file (Maximum file: 4MB. The .doc, .docx and .pdf are allowed)

Remark: Your information will be kept strictly confidential

Service Complaint


Our customers are able to report any complaints relating to our products and services

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Service Complaint


Our customers are able to report any complaints relating to our products and services

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