In addition to the Covid-19 crisis, Thailand also faced severe flooding resulting in damage to households and properties in disaster zones. As several Makro stores were located in the affected zones, it collaborated with the Red Cross Society to expedite emergency bags to the disaster victims in a timely manner. Also after the disaster, many of Makro’s store staff were sent to help the affected small groceries for cleaning and reopening.

Support for medical personnel, communities and public

The crises and natural disasters that happened in early of the year 2022, Covid-19 and widening flooding in many provinces, are impacting people’s health and their property. The company hand over food, drinking water, and cleaning agents for hygiene to medical personnel against the pandemic and the food, water, and daily shortage of food, drinking water, and life support consuming stuff to the flood victims. Unfortunately, the consequence of the lockdown period caused a blood bank shortage, Makro-TH signed MOU with the Thai Red Cross Society for whole year events for employees and the community to join the blood donation at Makro’s stores

Example of social supporting during the crisis

Makro's join Together to help Flood Victims

2022 Result
food and cleaning kind of stuff are handed over to communities and medical personnel including “aro” drinking water 79,165 bottles

Makro's join the Blood Donation

2022 Result
Blood donations from
persons or 1,110,039 cc. are delivered to the blood bank.