The major shareholder is CP group, holding 85% of the shares, and 15% of minority shareholders.

  • The company is expected to have a proportion of Omnichannel to total sales of 15-20% in the next 2-3 years.
  • In 2022, The company had a proportion of Omnichannel to total sales of 11%

In 2023, the company’s investment plan is including the stores expansion in Thailand and overseas, investing in developing online systems and infrastructure, and investing in new distribution centers, etc., having an investment budget in a range of baht 21,500 - 23,500 million

  • The occupancy rate has been improving steadily since the end of 2022, and expected to back to pre-covid-19 by 2024
  • The Company and its subsidiaries plan to expand rental space in the existing stores, where the decoration styles and products are different for each group to meet more needs of the customers. In addition, there will be adjustments to various businesses in the store as well, by increasing domestic and international products to increase variety and make a difference with frozen food products, clothing, household items and electrical appliances. In terms of rental shops, there will be added new restaurants to attract new customers to spend more time and money. This will have a positive effect on mall income to have a better trend. Due to the mall extension scheme, the Company, and its subsidiaries are planning to increase the NLA by 30% from 2022 in the next 3-5 years.

Unless otherwise required, the Company’s Board of Directors has the policy, which has been effective from 1994 onwards, to seek approval from the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to pay dividends not less than 40% of its annual net profit after tax from the consolidated financial statement.