The company contribute economic value to society through economic growth for business partners, promoting access to nutrition, and delivering products with high-quality and food safety. Innovation, continuous development of products and services also stakeholder engagement. The company meets expectations and connects customers, operators, and business partners on the path of sustainability to create long-term value contribution for communities.

Our Performance 2023

of sales from B2B and B2C products and services help promote health and well-being.
have jobs Supported to generate income.
Children and people
get access to safe and nutritious food.
of patent or petty patent are being registered in 2025.
from Stakeholder’s ESG engagement survey.
Health & Well-being
Quality and safety products are the fundamental schemes of developing products that focus on health and wellness for consumers of all ages. As a leader in the retail and wholesale industry, the company recognizes the importance of developing internal processes and enhancing the business partners for safer also promote better health and well-being product. This requires traceability systems to demonstrate transparency of the source of raw materials and meet the needs of increasingly health-conscious consumers and better health conditions among the population.
Social impact & economic contribution
Social and communities are fundamental to sustainable development to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainability development. The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have accentuated long-lasting social imbalances, particularly on vulnerable groups. the company has contributed our powerful supply chain and value to support the economics-social by the interconnection from producer to the consumer also of reliable support to farmers, small business entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups. Including driven to supply chain to recover and strengthen the economy from the crisis.
Food security & access to nutrition
Food security is a concerning issue for many organizations, domestic and abroad. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), more than 25.9% of the world's population is facing food insecurity. The situation has become increasingly worrisome since the COVID-19 crisis. Food security is one of Makro's core strategies, the company recognizes the importance of this issue and is committed to taking on the social responsibility as the leading food supply chain.
To ensure the readiness for dramatic changes in circumstances and customer expectations, an innovation culture has been systematically fostered throughout the whole organization. This is accomplished through the cooperation of internal and external parties, in identifying creative and new operational approaches that respond to emerging risks of the wholesale-retail industry altogether improving customer satisfaction.
Stakeholder Engagement
As the feedback from stakeholders is a crucial factor in driving a sustainable business according to stakeholders are exactly impacted both positive and negative from the business operation. The company thus places importance on engaging long-term relationships with its stakeholders to appropriately respond to the expectations and global circumstances.