The company values the environmental-friendly business operation, efficient resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact from the supply chain on ecosystems and biodiversity to ensure the natural resource is sufficiency for our future generation.

Our Performance 2022

Greenhouse gas intensity per revenue increased by
Reduce food waste to landfill
Water intensity per revenue unit compared to 2020 increased by
of stores and distribution centers are not in the natural or cultural heritage reservation area
Tier 1 supplier has been evaluated
Climate Resilience
Climate Change is intensifying already severe environmental crises around the world. The solution is, seemingly, an insurmountable task for every sector’s cooperating. The company has been a team player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to maintain the average global temperature and to achieve Carbon Neutral of organization’s operation (Scope 1 & 2) in 2030 Sustainability Targets. This includes ensuring readiness to face the Climate Change impacts and supporting the development of projects and innovations on the sustainability path to an energy-efficient and low-carbon society. Believing Sustainable business growth must go with the accountability for environmental protection and responsible natural resource utilization where everyone has a role to play from a communal perspective.
Environmental Policy
Circular Economy
On top of resource scarcity, ever-growing world populations, deforestation and urbanization, pollution and waste mismanagement, along with the shopping shift to online during the pandemic, are all exacerbating unprecedented mountains of insurmountable landfills. Food waste, in particular, directly impacts global warming in the form of methane gas emissions. As a leading distributor of consumer products, applying the circular economy is paramount in attaining the company's 2030 Sustainability Targets. Reusing reducing recycling resources, including waste, is the universal remedy to manage resources for optimal utilization value and sustainable product and packaging to mitigate the business impact on society as much as possible. The opportunity also lies in converting waste into products that add economic-social values.
Water stewardship
As climate change is seeing intensified flooding and drought year on year, the company recognizes the water stewardship and resource management efficiency throughout the water life cycle to sustain an economic-ecological co-development that adds economic value to communities without encroaching on natural resources.
Ecosystem & Biodiversity
Biodiversity is essential in enabling ecosystem infrastructures to survive under intensifying climate changes. The company enhanced to operate a business with sustaining and balancing the economic-ecological development is thus paramount for Climate Resilience and ensuring operational business preventing the impacts on the ecosystem, either directly or indirectly.
Biodiversity Policy
Responsible supply chain management
The company alike. as the linkage between producer to end-user, the company aims to ensure customers access to safe, high-quality, and sufficient in a timely manner. The company has strengthened the supply chain’s risk management and collaborated with producers, distributors, suppliers and business partners to enhance the value chain management, ensuring adequate inventory meets consumption needs with responsible sourcing and traceability to upstream.