Fully optimize asset utilization

While the Company continues to add, enhance, and modernize in-store restaurants and shops, namely providers of lifestyle products, to fully optimize asset utilization and transition shopping centers into Smart Community Centers, a strategy is also in place to expand the business through seamless customer-centric online sales and delivery-pickup services, both of which are contingent on a digital organizational transformation, namely a digital infrastructure that underpins B2B and B2C big data as well as the human resource with the digital talent to handle it. Such an enterprise system will add value for customers and business partners by synergizing within internal and among the Charoen Pokphand Group. While the Company continues creating opportunities for business partners, SMEs, or small farmers, optimizing work efficiency and convenience to strengthen its competitiveness over the long run. All of these developments must be developed hand in hand with a digital-savvy corporate culture in order to oversee future business growth trends on a regional playing field.


SME business matching events are under the “PLATFORM OF OPPORTUNITY” project, is the activity to open the opportunity for farmers and SMEs to become the company’s suppliers. The local farmer and SME can register their product to the platform, then the platform will proceed with the initial screening and matching the buyer to the product and set up the business discussion. The variable product can be registered such as agricultural products, processing food, other consuming product, etc. Altogether, the company corporate with SME D Bank and the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) knowledge sharing and provide advisory to farmer and SMEs to improve product quality and productivity for both local market and exportation.


2022 Result
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