For sustainable growth of the business along with the country’s development, the company prioritizes the internal operational efficiency, legal and regulatory provisions, adhering to business ethics, professional conduct, respect for human rights, and human capital development. People empowerment is key to reducing social inequality and preparing organizational readiness for digital transformation, cybersecurity management, and data protection.

Our Performance 2023

Business units
has Corporate Governance implementation
own business and value chain
are conducted the Human Rights Impact Assessment
received an education, lifelong learning, and upskilling.
All employees
have trained and engaged in learning and initiatives.
with Charoen Pokphand Group and external party Action list for cybersecurity and data privacy.
Corporate Governance
To attain business growth on the path of sustainability, the company emphasizes Corporate Governance (CG), building on an anti-corruption culture, managing risks across the organization, preparing organizational competition readiness, and expanding long-term business opportunities.
Corporate Governance
Human Rights & Labor Practices
Recognizing diversity and respecting the rights of others are essential for any community. Whenever inappropriately communicated and managed can cause the business’ operational risk. The company respects human rights and labor practices in all operations, promoting equality, non-discriminatory and workplace occupational health & safety. This includes preventing human rights violations and protecting the person from discrimination and harassment.
Human Right Policy
Education & Inequality Reduction
Thailand is ranked among the top countries in the world for income inequality. The disparity contributes directly to social imbalances from barriers to quality education and professional development capacities that, in turn, handicap income. The company is thus determined to close the education-admission gap by upgrading access feasibility to quality academia and developing studentship for the underprivileged-the foundation of autonomous learning and overall social wellbeing.
Leadership & Human capital development
The most valuable asset to any organization is the human resources that drive the business forward. To the company, they are the delta between reaching set goals and falling short. Taking care of the employees that bridge the gap between available talent and organizational goals in the competitive landscape is key to operational optimization and social value creation.
Cyber security & data protection
The application of information technology is essential to keeping competitiveness and driving the organization forward. It is also fundamental to maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness. On the other hand, increasing the risk of emerging risks of cyber-attacks or threats. The company is enhancing cybersecurity and data privacy policy to protect data and trustworthiness for customers and stakeholders throughout the value chain.
Information Security Acceptable Use Policy