CP Axtra is Committed to Support Cage-free Egg Production to Elevate Animal Welfare*.
While upholding maximum benefits for its customers, as well as maintaining business competitiveness of our actual egg producers, business partners and professional customers.

CP Axtra Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries defines policies and guidelines under sustainable development frameworks as follows.

Supplier Code of Conduct
Energy Policy
Food Safety Policy
Sustainable Sourcing Policy
Health and Nutrition Policy
GMOs Guideline
Sustainable Sourcing Guideline for Raw Material and Products Involving Tuna Fish
Safety Occupational Health And Workplace Policy
Life Saving Rules
Biodiversity Policy
Environmental Policy
Human Right Policy
Tax Policy
Personal Data Privacy Notice for Employee
External Privacy Policy for Supplier
External Privacy Policy for Customer
External Privacy Policy for Investor
Enterprise Risk Management Manual
Makro's SHE Management System